Faint line, to negative blood work to actually pregnant all along!!!


So I made a post for my friend who originally had a faint line on her pregnancy test so I posted it here to get my fellow glow peeps opinions, here’s the original post

First response test ^^

So she kept testing and they were very faint and actually looked a lot more fainter than that test but it was there.

She then went to her primary and they took blood work which they called her back saying was negative. She was very upset but it wasn’t planned so she kept on going with her normal life. She kept having period like cramps and was nauseous and still hadn’t received a period which she thought was weird because she doesn’t miss a period but also didn’t think she was pregnant because of the blood work. Fast forward to today she sends me this...

She was pregnant ALLL ALONG!!! I was the second person she told (Mom of course knew before me haha) but she’s so happy and just had a feeling and took a test, she hasn’t had any spotting or bleeding of any sort since her last period which was in March!! I’m so happy and excited for her for this new journey of motherhood, she’s an amazing person and I know she’ll be a great mom.

Thought I’d let you guys know I have 2 girls and I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my third, as to my excitement if god willingly makes this a healthy pregnancy for her we will have babies 3 months apart ❤️