People saying things about my daughter’s “butt chin” 😞

So my daughter happened to inherit my husband’s cleft chin, and she has it more prominent than his. There are a couple of family friends who keep making condescending comments about it. Like “Hopefully she will grow into that chin!” or “poor child with that chin!” Just really rude things. I just blow it off and say that she will grow into it one day. And she said, “I hope so!”

It seriously has hurt my feelings and now I overthink it all the time. Will she “grow into it”? I don’t even really understand that.

UPDATE: ladies, THANK YOU! You guys are awesome. I really suck at confrontation but the next time these “family friends” come over and say yet another comment about my daughter, I’m going to say something instead of just blowing it off 😡 I love my daughters chin, so they can just shut up already !! Unfortunately I am staying with family, and these “family friends” are friends with who I am staying with, so it’s inevitable I will keep seeing them 😩

Thank you all of you!