Is this an umbilical hernia? 🤔😯 updated again

Nynke • Dutch, teacher & mom of Teun 30-3-19

Update 2: dr looked at it not hernia or granuloma according to her 'simply' little wound from chafing. No idea what happend but I guess I'm glad that's all it is. Supposed to heal on his own just recommended to let it breathe if possible. Thank you guys so much for chiming in u rock :)

Update: just found a wet spot on his clothes right where his belly button is. Now think it might be a umbilical granuloma. Baby seems fine but it's the middle of the night here gonna call doctor first thing tomorrow. Kinda reassured by what I'm reading online and he seems fine drank a whole bottle and no pain. Also very worried and not sure I can sleep now 🙄


I just discovered this... After a Google search I'm thinking hernia. Any of your LOs have this? It doesn't seem to bother him..