Weight challenges and goals 245 to 145


During my prime teenage years meeting my now husband at the age of 16 going on 17 we’ve been together for 8 years and married for 2! I was a athlete, cheerleader, ran track, and played soccer. Weighing 115-130 I knew I still felt fat, ugly I wasn’t good enough. But man looking back so I feel stupid for feeling that way. I know now I was very unhealthy and I looked unhealthy. While dating my husband he would always say “you need to eat more” so I did. I ate and ate I went from 130 to 150 I remember saying to myself that I could lose it again don’t worry. But I got in a bad habit when I tried to diet, I would try to starve myself. That was making me gain even more weight. As we got married we would discuss starting a family. My husband would say “don’t you want to get into shape before so it would be easier to bounce back?” This was very true, but part of me didn’t care. Maybe that’s why I didn’t commit to losing weight. A year after being married we suffered a loss of our unborn child at 7 weeks, and 3 days to the exact day we welcomed our rainbow baby boy. Before pregnancy I weighed 214 pounds.

2:00am honeymoon cruise eating pizza! Yum

While pregnant I never took photos I believe I only have 3. I loved being pregnant I thought I looked good and felt good... but then I would look at myself in pictures and ugh I looked awful. I hated how I looked I hate my chest (This has always been a battle for me) my legs and my arms.

(3 months pregnant)

This was taken at 8 months. I then retained a lot of water I became very swollen.

Look at that!!! I’m so happy to have my feet back to normal now lol. I ended up going to the hospital at the weight of 245 pounds!! I never thought I would get rid of it. But my husband and I welcomed our baby boy! Who is now 2 months old!

Currently I sit at 188.9 pounds my goal is to get to 145 I will get there! It will take some time. There are things that I still don’t like (number one is my chest) but hopefully I will lose them fingers crossed! I won’t give up!

(Picture with my son and little sister)