Is she right?


So I see my bf every weekend since he is a little older than me and we dont go to school together. My parents allow him to go over and I get to stay at his family's house on occasion.

Saturday my bf said that his sister wants him to watch her kids so he told my step mom and she started yelling at him saying I'm being put on "the back burner" that I'm not a priority to him. Then they started saying that he needs to step up to his family and say that he has a life and is spending time with me.

My bf pretty much has an on call job so he's busy a lot and I try to be understanding but when he leaves ik get sad but I pull myself together cause it's his JOB.

Anyway it just bugs me that my family meddles in MY relationship. At the end of the day I left to go be with my bf and my step mom gets mad saying "we had plans to go hiking and you chose your bf over me"... of course I chose my bf my step mom wanted to wake us up at 4am to go hiking which she KNOWS I dont like so I'd never make plans like that with her. Come to find out my bf's sister never called or texted and he just wanted to get me outta that house because he knows I wasn't happy there😂🥰😍 Which made me smile. Then we talked about our future together and he just outta the blue is like "so are we gunna get married or what" and I'm like well eventually if that's what u want and he said yes. We both agree that my parents should stay out of our relationship and we are currently planning on buying a house together. Oh and at the end of the day my step mom didnt go hiking because of the rain.

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