Just your average teenage crisis


Hey guys, I need some advice... basically, there’s this guy who my friend and I got to know through a project at school. The project started around October and come December my friend tells me that she’s developed feelings for him. I was very happy for her and encouraged her to talk to me about him. But the thing is, the more I encouraged her feelings the more I noticed my own. I noticed that I did in fact like the way his hair always had one piece sticking out slightly, I loved his bright red tie and I adored his sense of humor. Not to mention that he’s smart, so damn smart. I didn’t mention anything but my feelings intensified. My friend was very on and off with him, especially when things in the project weren’t going to plan. Yet my feelings never wavered and I found myself defending him to her. Soon enough he was constantly on my mind and I made any possible excuse to talk to him, be in the same room as him or just catch his eye in the canteen. My friend says she’s not sure how she feels, but the thing is that she’s an amazing person and deserves a great guy like him. The thing is now I don’t know how to act around him and I end up acting like a bitch in order to make my friend look better. I hate myself for it. I don’t know what to do or how to act. Do I tell me friend? Do I just leave it be? Any advice would mean the world, thank you