Am I being rude or over the top with my diet?!?

So for the past 5 days I have decided to turn my life around. I’ve been eating health every meal and meal prepped my lunches this week. My step mom doesn’t cook much, and if she does it has never been healthy, even when both my dad and I have tried to diet in the past. This time is of course no different, and I don’t mind, but instead of dealing with it and eating healthy for every meal I’ve decided to make my own dinner on nights where it’s unhealthy food. I told everyone in the beginning of this I will not eat pasta or bread. She made spaghetti last night and seemed to get angry because I politely said, I am staying away from bread and pasta and I planned to eat my leftovers from the other night. I don’t spend an hour after work walking to eat unhealthy. Tonight my step sister made dinner and cooked chicken, which is what I’ve been making for my dinner as well, but at this point I’m just iffy on eating others food. I’m going to make myself eat it tonight, but I really just like know what exactly it’s being cooked with and what all goes into it if that makes sense. This has never happened before, but I am determined to lose this weight and I would feel a lot better if I cooked my own food knowing I’m trying to be as healthy as possible compared to someone who doesn’t care what they eat. So I guess my question is, am I going completely insane, should I loosen up on my diet??