Arguing with parents..

I need some options on this. I don’t know what to do, I’m extremely upset and emotionally tired of this.

My mother and I ALWAYS argue of the smallest thing do to her always making everything a big deal. I’m 15 years old, and she always says how I’m ungrateful and don’t care about anyone which is absolutely untrue. I care about everyone in my family but when it comes to me telling them the truth about themselves they get so mad at me and try to make it into a bigger deal then it really is. My mother and I went to a store, and she literally YELLED my name across the whole store when I was STANDING right near her. I asked her to not do that again do to it being EMBARRASSING. She starts talking loud in front of the cashier how I’m disgusting, and disrespectful, and don’t care about anyone. I was so embarrassed and hurt. She always treats me like this. Meanwhile she treats my 17 and almost 30 year old brother with so much love and affection and always jumps to their problems to help them and do this and that, and still takes my fucking 30 year old brother to the doctor because he’s “scared” and that’s her “baby.” I told her in the car how I’m so done with being treated like crap meanwhile my brothers are treated like kings. She calls me lazy because I stay in my room all day, which is not true, I do what she asks me to do, I take the dogs out, I clean the house. I DONT GO ANYWHERE BECAUSE SHE DOESNT LET ME. she also told me in the car how my grandma and brother and dad said I’m the way I am because she always spoiled me, which is not true again, I’ve always been the one to get hand me downs, or old shit. The only new thing I have is My iPhone 7 Plus that I got last year on my birthday. I told her that I’m upset how I never get told “I love you” and she said “how dare you lie , I treat you all the same” definitely not true. She yells at me anywhere, anytime, doesn’t care who it’s around. 24/7 I’m embarrassed around her. I went into town with her today do to the fact I needed her to go order my prescription from the pharmacy she said “I’m done doing things for you, you’re on your own figure it out, find a ride to school I’m done”

THAT RIGHT THERE HURT ME. How I’m just a 15 year old kid, while my brother is a 30 year old man who she still calls the doctor to make his appointments for him. She even said in the car that I don’t like her, when I never once said that. She said that “I know you hate me, you’re the only one that hates me. Good to know my daughter hates me”

Last year in freshman year I delt with depression and anxiety, most of it was from her, from always arguing and not being treated with respect. Of course I won’t just sit there and take her shit, I will tell her right back of how bad of a mother she’s being to me, I won’t let her step all over me. I don’t care, she’s only nice when she wants money. I RARELY even ask for $10 if I go hangout with friends. But she “never” has money but she apparently does when my brothers ask. If this doesn’t tell you who the least favorite child is I don’t know what is.

I’ve been crying for 2 hours, have a major migraine, now feeling that I’m worth NOTHING and that the best thing to do is just kill myself. Last year I delt with this. I’m just done, and want EVERYTHING to be done with. I can’t take this shit anymore. I’m being treated like a stranger.