What should I do?


I'm 15 dpo now and on cycle day 31 I usually have 25-27 day cycles but this month I ovulated on cycle day 16 according to opk and clearblue ovulation advanced digital.I was suppose to start my period on Sunday but it still hasn't come .I had very light red almost pink looking discharge only when I wiped on Friday night 12dpo I thought that was my period coming but I never got anything after that .Sorry tmi but the discharge was after having sex so now I'm thinking maybe it's from that or possibly implantation spotting.I took a test Sunday with fmu and I got what looked like a vvvvvvfl. I took another test this morning I didn't have anymore test so I peed in a cup and left it sitting out on the counter for about an hour so I could go get a test so I don't know if that affected the results or not .I have never in my life had a 31 day cycle almost 32 day. I don't know if I should call the doctor for a blood test or keep waiting? Pictures below are yesterday morning test.