push present


ever since we started living together two years ago, i’ve taken over cleaning duties. when i got pregnant, we bought a house and i still did the cleaning. i fucking LOVEEEE cleaning. but the past week i’ve been out of commission with severe back pain/two trips to triage with high BP.

i’ve also been joking about a push present for a few months—mostly in hopes to get this joker to propose to me (we already know we are getting married but because of the house we’ve been putting everything into that.)

today he came home and asked if he had to buy me jewelry for a push present. i laughed because i do not wear any jewelry but still asked why. welll, this beautiful man bought me a cleaning lady for the next couple months. best present ever. 😍😍😍

(mind you he cleans just as well but knows how anal i am so that’s why he decided to hire someone.)