Idk what to do


Hi girls! I just wanted your advice about something...

There’s this guy in my class that I can’t stop thinking about, he’s been so sweet. For example, for the last play our school had, we were both in it, we were walking together and he started saying really stupid but cute jokes. After I said “lol that’s so stupid!” He said “I know im just trying to make you laugh”. He’s also called me beautiful multiple times, and holds the door open for me, and does rlly cute things. There’s this other girl that i think he may like cause he talks to her a lot but doesn’t do the things that he did to me to her he just talks to her a lot more. I started showing an interest, and now I’m getting mixed signals on whether he likes me or not. Like one day we were in a room together alone doing a test that we both missed, he finished before me, I told him that he could go if he wants, but he said “no it’s ok I wanna stay here with you”. But the day after he would say nothing to me but call me annoying (joking maybe?) It hurts my heart that he keeps talking to one of my friends, and teases her which is associated with falling for her, but I just don’t know what to think! He’s also SUPER nice naturally but I did hear that he liked someone. I REEEAALLLLYY think we are perfect for each other. I can tell u guys some other things he has done in the comments just ask. It’s getting to be that the way he treats me effects my mood.

Btw I’m in middle school 😜😜