At Walmart with my boyfriend and a man gave me a rose!

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As we were walking out a man was sitting on the ground, where we live there are a lot of homeless people. Not to stereotype, but he looked like he was homeless. As we walked by he called us over, my boyfriend said "I'm sorry man i don't have any cash" (he really didn't, we usually always give at least $5 to every homeless person we come across) anyway the man replied

"neither do I so that's why I'm giving my time to make people smile"

And he handed me a rose he MADE! sitting right there on the ground with yarn, how amazing!

We told him how talented he was and thanked him and walked to our car. We were about to pull out of the parking lot when my boyfriend turned around and went back inside. He bought the guy a huge pack of water and a huge sub, the man was nearly in tears😭 we have a motto we say around the house all the time "give what you'd want to receive. Give love and you will receive love"

That man was taking his time for the sole purpose of making someone smile, to give them a little gift. He was giving out love to the world, and in a little way my boyfriend helped him receive love back♥️ i know it wasn't much but it feels amazing to make someone else smile, especially when they are trying to make others smile too!

Spread love! No matter how big or small.

My boyfriend wants to make him a "goody bag" full of clothes, food, water, that kind of stuff (i do this for the homeless woman around us, i put pads, tampons, food, water, ect in bags and hand it out to women in need) and i really think more people should do it! Not only does it feel amazing to help, but you can seriously help others who are less fortunate and give them hope. I hope this inspires a few people ♥️♥️♥️

Edit: thank you all for the comments ♥️♥️♥️ i tried to reply to as many as possible! I appreciate them all and didn't except this much love at all! ♥️