Engagement But No Marriage

A friend of mine is going through a tuff situation and i just need to know if im crazy. So her and her fiance have been engaged for about 5 years and she keeps asking about when they will start to plan a wedding and he says he isn't ready yet. After they're engagement they had 2 handsome little guys. They're business is under both names as partners so she doesn't understand why he isn't ready and is waiting to leave him. I told her i didn't think anything serious was going on and if there was another woman she is financially stable and he wouldn't be able to make her half of the business. I'm just wondering if i might be missing something? My only thought was maybe he believes it isn't in they're budget yet 🤷‍♀️

He's never cheated or atleast never been caught

His behavior or habits have no changed

He's part of the bills are on time

They're joined account is only touched for what they have agreed upon

Help me Help her ladies