Husband emotionally abuses me.

Sick and tired of My husband putting me down.

Ever since we've had baby, things have gotten out of hand. I'm assuming lack of sleep has fueled a lot of these arguments but he likes to dig deep and say mean, nasty, hurtful things.

I work at a fortune 500 convenience store. Apparently I don't have a real job so I'm the one who should be getting up with our child at night.

Mind you, I work 8 hour shifts just like he does and I get up 2 hours before my shift to get myself and our daughter ready and drop her off at daycare before work.

I'm sick of it. And we've had talk after talk after talk.about how he is going to stop talking to me the way he does and nothing ever changes.

I'm over it. He always wants to argue in front of our daughter and I've told him time and time again I'm not doing that because she doesn't need to be around or hear that. His response? She's too young to know what's going on. She's almost 10 months old

She's NOT too young, she's very smart and even if she was younger,she still doesn't need to be around ppl arguing and someone calling her mom a bitch, cunt, etc.

I feel hopeless. I love this man more than anything and when we aren't fighting things are amazing

. We have always been terrible fighters and communicators but he is getting worse and worse where I feel like I've improved 200% since I've had my daughter.

I don't have time or the energy for this stupid shit.