How do you know? (Sort of long)

How do you know when it’s just time to call it quits? Like I know that sounds pathetic and ridiculous to even be posting here but I have NO friends. I got pregnant and had a baby and all my friends dropped like flies because they didn’t wanna be where I am in like. Which is fine but it left me with my son and my fiancé. And I’ve tried to talk to him about this. About our issues. The things that upset me. But he just doesn’t wanna hear it. He has no interest in ending us but it’s like we’re sitting in the same circle ⭕️.... I’ve done everything I can think of. But I’m desperate for some advice... I don’t know what else to do. He doesn’t wanna help with the baby almost ever unless I’m already in the middle of doing

It and mad that he ignored me when I asked for his help. Evidently it’s like I’m supposed to be super woman and do 100 things at once. He goes to work at 6am comes hoke around 2pm. He co-owns his own business so when I say they haven’t worked but like 3 days in 2 weeks I MEAN THEY HAVENT WORKED. So he isn’t exhausted and just worn down. And don’t get me wrong I DO LOVE HIM. But I’m so over fighting every single day. And so tired from doing it on my own

That I may as well be on my own..

Idk if I was really looking for advice or needing to vent but please don’t be rude. I don’t have the backbone to take anymore rudeness in life right now...