Morning Sickness

Kaitlyn • Married, 23, My husband is my best friend. Pregnant with baby girl 🎀

I started having mild nausea around 4 weeks and then at 6 weeks it kicked into high gear. I was consistently nauseous all day and night until about 11 weeks and it was like I just woke up one day and wasn't nauseous anymore. I was thinking that the morning sickness was gone for good. Until Monday night and I could barely sleep I was so nauseous. Last night I was really nauseous, but I ate something and just laid on the couch hoping it would subside. It never did so I took a shower and as soon as I stepped out of the shower I was vomiting. This went on for about an hour. This is the first time I've vomited since being pregnant. Is this normal? I know the nausea can come and go, but I didn't think it would be worse than before. I'm 12 weeks, 5 days right now, so almost out of the first trimester. Thanks!