Baby measuring way ahead; no GD


Had my second one hour glucose test of this pregnancy yesterday (they tested early at 20w due to baby measuring a week and a half ahead - I passed) and again, I passed. However, the baby is now measuring FOUR WEEKS AHEAD! My first baby was a big guy (9lbs 6oz) and measured slightly ahead (and no GD that time either).

The doctor I saw yesterday after my ultrasound didn’t seem overly concerned, but wants me to go back for another scan in four more weeks (I’m 28w yesterday). She said if I wanted to try a gestational diabetes diet the next four weeks to see if that slows the growth that would be fine but it wasn’t necessary. I also didn’t get any answer on if this means they’ll have to take the baby earlier than expected or if he’s developing at the 28w range and not the 31w range in which he’s measuring.

Has any second/third/beyond Mamas experience this kind of rapid growth with their babes? Just wanting a little reassurance that all will be ok.