Childish or ok for the event???

Long story short, my MIL and SIL along with my Mom are throwing me a baby shower... now I feel as though I shouldn't be picky and just welcome all their ideas, since after all this is baby no.3 for us, it's been 7years since we had a baby in the house and we literally have nothing for baby, so I'm pretty much open to whatever, BUT.. They decided on cupcakes instead of a cake, never seen or heard of this happening..will that be weird?? thoughts?? I think I'm just weirded out from that whole idea LoL .. when I hear cupcakes, I think kids birthdays or taking cupcakes to the class for the birthday kid.. idk? what do you think? Since I'm not paying for anything I dont feel it's ok to say anything.. it's not a big deal I just wanted to hear some others input on this.