Worried..hcg levels did not double


So at my first appt I should've been almost 7 weeks but my doctor said the baby measured a week behind. The next wk she had the ultrasound tech do the ultrasound(my dr did the 1st one) and she said her guesstimate was 5 wks + 5 days but we all saw the flickers which we didnt see the week before.My doctor also said her calculations from the 1st ultrasound was wrong bc she didnt measure the same place as the tech.SHe had me do my hcg levels which were 8217 and then 2 days later 9729..she called and said basically with the numbers not doubling properly the baby is not growing and probably would not be a viable pregnancy but I have an ultrasound coming up nxt wk and told her I wanted to wait til then because we also saw the heartbeat..has anybody had this happen or something similar?