Why do i feel bad for dating?


I got out of a bad relationship about 3 months ago and now I’m back in the dating game. This time around I’m very direct about what I want and don’t want, I communicate clearly with who I’m dealing with, and I feel confident. I’m not having sex with anyone I’m just enjoying the company. I met a guy last week(call him guy 1) and he’s really nice we’ve hung out everyday since our first hang out but I’m still feeling him out and I decided to take a break from him cause seeing each other everyday/talking everyday was irritating me. There’s another guy I’ve known for about year and we’re super comfortable with each other(guy 2). We’ve never had sex either but we’ve kissed a few times before. So last night we ended up hanging out and super intense make out sess that was bound to happen. Like bound. Guy 2 and I are friends and I’m not looking to date him either I’m just kinda going with the flow. While I’m hanging out with guy 2.. guy 1 keeps calling me and I’m not answering I just keep texting him I’m busy bc i am lmao. But idk why i feel guilty bc the night before I was with guy 1 and then the next day was with guy 2. I want to date without feeling guilty