I NEED help ! Please comment .


So I had taken a test last night and posted it around 915 PM I took the test and I while I saw a very faint line I convinced myself it wasnt real.. so I threw it away, well I took it back out of the trash to look at it around 1015 1030 and it was darker . But I am scared it's a evap line and I dont wanna get excited .. I tested again this morning and I did wait a little longer than 10 minutes , (not on purpose ) but it came out about the same .. idk what to think , I was supposed to start my period either Yesterday or today. Opinions? Does it look like a evap line ?... I've never gotten them before and I know blue dye tests aren't very reliable but it was all i had now . Should i wait till June 1st to test again? Or am i out this month?.. (One on bottom is from last night)