Urgent advice needed!! Sorry for the long read!!


Again I apologise for the long read but I’m serious need of advice —

I found out I was pregnant on Monday 20th May - I started bleeding on Friday the 24th ... went to the hospital on Sunday 26th where they did 2 pregnancy tests which both came up positive. They sent me up to EPU where they did examination. Everything was fine - cervix closed - no sign of anywhere where this bleeding is coming from - had a blood test done for my hcg levels which came back at 161. 2 days later I went for another blood test which came back that they had dropped to 122 - so because it’s not 50% drop - I now have to go back for another blood test! - but while all this is going on I have no cramps other than the few odd period like cramps that are very light and last a few seconds which I just put down to everything moving and stretching and getting into place. All my symptoms have got worse than before so the sore boobs - heartburn - flutters in my tummy - tiredness - moodiness etc is all there still - the only thing that comes and goes is the nausea. Which is normal right? So I’m due a blood test tomorrow to see what is what with my hcg levels - but this morning I done a test and it come up clear as day with a positive test (in total I have done 11 tests all positive including the 2 from the hospital). I’m not actually sure how far gone I am - but I remember my last period being 4 days early which is never normally the case for me - 1 day maybe but never 4! - I’m preparing for the worst as I had a miscarriage in September ‘18 which was traumatic as hell! And really don’t want to go through it all again! But if I’m right I should be around 6/7 weeks on Friday.

Anyone experienced anything like this before and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy or am I just hoping that it’s all going to be okay?

Any advice or similar situations welcome. 🙏🏼 x