Do you think the hot zone was made as a thin veil to talk about how people need to get vaccines?


In a nutshell..

The show is about the Ebola virus.. where it started, who was involved, ect.

It's a limited series on National Geographic, that's been playing two episodes for the last 2 nights and tonight's two episodes will be the end of the limited series.

So the first night it aired on Monday, after watching the first two episodes... It felt like it made thin veil references about being clean and using protection a conversation between a male scientist and his wife if you weren't paying attention to the show could have easily been a conversation about how the man thought he was being safe and now isn't sure if he contracted the virus.. like HIV.

Last night, it seemed like it made thin veil references to how viruses/diseases are spread (given the time period this was unheard of on American soil, and even gives glimpses into who discovered it with 3 different views on the virus) and shows how extreme and haphazard people can be when it comes to things like this.

For example:

- a worker from this animal testing site brought three dead monkeys in  trash bags and didn't wear gloves or anything when dealing with the dead monkeys.. however, at that time he had no idea what was going on or the seriousness of the situation. 

- how the government deals with these things and you see people carefully weighing their options on what to do..

A) tell the public but that could cause a disaster.

B) don't tell the public but that could also be a disaster. 

They pan back to where it started and have 3 people visiting these small villages where this virus is causing a lot of problems.. how those small villages were reusing and not cleaning their needles properly, how close confines and illness can spread easily and wipe out small villages in very little time.

So you have this one guy (it's Nick Offerman) being pretty extreme going as far as to claim that the virus is airborne.

Then you have this other guy who is like na man, it's not airborne.. but also really laid-back on the subject.

You have a woman who just wants to help people and stop this virus and thats all she cares about..

Then you have the government... Deploying people in bubble suits thinking that the world is collapsing all around them.

Then you have Lt. Col. Jaxx who just wants people to take her seriously and her husband to stop undermining her (her husband is also in the military) and her work and to show some god darn respect for her because she's got this shit under control. 

Anyways, if youve missed the show the last two days I'd definitely recommend checking it out so you can see what I'm referring to when it comes to reading between the lines and hidden messages in the show.

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