So I found out I was pregnant on cycle day 30, after a 45 day cycle in April. I was super surprised because I thought for sure I wouldn’t ovulate this month. I started to spot after the test like dark rusty brown and a light pink color, no cramps no Oder at all. So I decided to go to the emergency room on the 28. I got an ultra sound,vaginal prob, and blood work done. After sitting at the hospital for four hours the doctor told me you are pregnant but it’s to early to tell how far along I am. Plus there was a lot of blood when the obgyn did the vaginal prob. My beta- hcg quant was 59 so he’s afraid I maybe threading a miscarriage. I’m just so confused at this point I took off 3 days from work just to rest I go back on Thursday for a follow up blood work. It’s been for days now and I’m still seeing black,brown and light pink blood when I go to the bathroom. I really don’t want this to be a miscarriage but I honestly don’t know why else to think.