Negative test


So I tested today and it said negative did I test too soon it's been 2 weeks since I ovulated do I just need to wait until it's time for my period to come on and see if it comes on the the thing is I usually cramp 2 straight weeks before my period comes and when it finally comes on I cramp severely until it goes on well when I ovulated the last 3 days of my ovulation was very painful it felt like someone have stabbed me in my cervix and my pelvic area for 3 whole days and I've never had that happen to me my period comes on every month at the same time every 19 days I have a period my boobs aren't sore but my back us hurting I been feeling sick and I've been extremely horny and craving crazy things to eat i wonder what's going on and right now my period is due Saturday I haven't cramped since last week theres no sign of my period trying to come on by Saturday at night I feel my cervix cramping and I be thinking like ok my period on and I go to the bathroom and nothing is there