Testing too early?

Okay so has anyone been so certain of getting a positive and gotten a negative ? I'm still certain I'm pregnant but gonna wait a few days until I test again! I've bee cramping and having the same symptoms I was having while pregnant w my first daughter. Still no period and glow says in 7 days it will be here but what happened was they were gonna put me on acutane and so they had to put me on bc but I never went through w the acutane and kinda was careless w the b because we didn't need it so more or less was whenever I remembered and then by the third week I was like yeaaaa I'm done . I could have gotten my period but I dont really know because of the break through bleeding bs but moving along I ovulated and felt what I'm positive was implantation unless I'm still implanting i do not know but I sure I am so long story short what does everyone think is it just me testing too early? I need someone to talk to I have know one .