VENT!! Co-worker went to far! 😡😱😞

So, I am a hairstylist and am the only female in the salon with 3 very talented male co-workers. I have been working there since September and I truly love to work there. The atmosphere is amazing and I feel that we are a really good team.

Last Thursday I was alone in the salon with one of my co-workers. He asked if I could wash his hair, as we had no client for the next 30 minutes. No, problem. I usually do that without any fuss. As I massaged his head by the zink i felt like he looked at me funny.... Didn't think much of it right there.

After he asked if I could massage his shoulders, which we usually do for each other in the salon, so I didn't think much of it and did so gladly.

After that he insisted on returning the favor and give me a message. Who would say no to that, right? He is very good at it, so, yes please...... 💆

....then it starts getting weird.... He drags my shoulder back and close to his body. I'm not sure, but it feels like he is leaning towards my head a couple of times in a coressing way. The front of my shoulders always stiffen op so he massaged the front.... Except he starts moving his hands lover... Closer to my chest...⛔.

I ask him to stop, that clearly crossed my boundaries. He then leans down and kisses my neck!!!!!🤯😠😱

...I jump up, and the phone rings at the same time, so I grab the phone, trying to remain professional. Then our clients come in the door so I did not get a chance to react to his behavior.

I don't remember when I last felt so angry! 😠 Later on that day, he asks if I am angry with him. I am beyond angry. I am angry, sad and disappointed at the same time. He immediately apologizes and appears to be really sad about it.

I literally don't know what to say!

What in the world was he thinking!?!? 😟 He promises never to think like that again and offered to switch work days so we would not have to work together alone. He looked soooo sad. 🥺😕

♠️A little back ground story:

All of my co-workers are married, with kids, so is he. I have suspected that he is not happy in his marriage, as he seeks to be everywhere else than at home. But that is none of my business.

I am very happily married with the love of my life and am expecting our baby #3.

🧭At this point I don't know what to think.

I told my husband when I got home, coz I think he deserves to know. He is the least jealous person I know and he did not say much about it.

I told my boss about it today, coz I think he needs to know when he comes asking to change work days and I can not hide my anger. He was in shock! He did expect him to seek outside of his marriage, but he never expected him to try anything with me, a co-worker. He pointed out that he hoped he was not in love with me or something 😱😨

Now I don't really know how to act around him. I am so mad at him for ruening the good atmosphere at work for me. I hate that I can't be myself around him anymore. I am angry but I feel bad for him at the same time.

I am wondering if I should just leave it at that and give him a change or if I should tell his wife....? I hope he does so himself. I would want that if it was her. They have a beautiful 3 year old girl together and for her sake I hope the best for their marriage.

🌹🌺🌸 Thanks for reading my long vent. Any advice or related stories are more than welcome. 🏵️🌻🌼 I just needed to get this of my chest.

P.s. sorry my English is not that great. I am Icelandic living in Denmark. 🇮🇸🇩🇰