Weight gain

Karley • 26. RN 💉 Married 💍 Pregnant with a baby boy 💙 Due 10/23/19🎃

Im 19 weeks today and I’ve gained 3.8lbs. I’ve been exercising regularly my entire pregnancy, and eating well. I spoke with a friend who works in maternal fetal medicine and she questioned why my Dr hasn’t said anything about my weight and how little I’ve gained. I said to her well someone at this point are still trying to put weight on from being sick, so even though I never was getting sick and I never lost any weight I’m just putting it on slower. My next appointment is on Monday so I will be sure to bring up my weight and how much my Dr wants me to gain but Is anyone else putting on weight slower ? Or still struggling to put weight on? She made me feel kind of bad like I’m not trying to gain weight on purpose !