Doctor Appt

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Today I went to my 36 week appointment. I explained I've had some cramping and loose stool and she hasn't moved much since yesterday. The doctor asked if we had scheduled an ultrasound. But he said we wouldn't have another after 20 weeks. Apparently he wants to see how she's growing and scheduled one for next week. He also had me do a NST. First 10 minutes she didn't move at all, 2nd 10 minutes she got a little buzz from the MA and she jumped but had very few movements. He came in to evaluate the results and looked a little concerned. So he buzzed her once more and made me sit for another 30 minutes. He said that it was a little better after that.

I'm feeling excited I get to see her on an ultrasound again. I'll be 27 weeks for that one. I'm wondering if they will give me an induction date as I have not started dialating at all and it seems she may potentially be under some stress. Also, her heart rate has always been in the 130s and today she was in the 140s I know it can fluctuate but after months of regularity why if she's not active would she be higher?

Worried momma.