So I decided that I wanted to share my birth story with all of you, my little guy will be 5 months old on Saturday.

On December 31st at 6am, I had just woken up and gone to the bathroom when it looked like I’d lost my mucus plug. Being my first pregnancy I wasn’t really sure because it was only a small amount. But I was excited so I ran to the other bathroom where my husband was showering and getting ready for work to tell him the baby might be coming soon within the next couple weeks (I thought). I got back in bed and my husband had just walked into the room when I felt a gush like I had just peed myself. I told him to grab a towel quickly and I shimmied myself off the bed trying not to make a mess. When I stood up a huge gush of water fell out of me. I was so confused. I thought I peed myself, I knew my water broke but I was only 37 weeks exactly. I called the hospital still in disbelief and they told me it could take 24-48 hours for labor to start and that I could wait at home until contractions started. So that’s what we decided to do since we were not prepared at all. No bags packed, our house was a mess. So the next hours we were in go mode trying to get everything done.

Fast forward to 5pm my contractions were starting to get closer together about 5 minutes apart. So we headed to the hospital. When we got there my blood pressure was pretty high so they were checking my blood pressure every couple of hours. Contractions were starting to pick up and I didn’t want to get the epidural so I was using the ball and walking to cope. I didn’t want an IV but the midwife insisted I get one because my blood pressure wasn’t coming down. It took 3 different people and a vein ultrasound to successfully give me the IV. I was pissed and crying because of the pain (I hate needles).

Because my blood pressure wasn’t going down and I was only dilated to a 2 and 90% effaced they decided to start me on pitocin. I was nervous because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about pitocin. The pain started to get worse and I was contemplating the epidural. The nurses knew I was trying to avoid that so they talked over my options with me and I decided to labor in the tub. I don’t know how long I was in there for, but because hubby and I were EXHAUSTED I decided to get the epidural. The mid wife had checked me and I was only at a 4. It was 12:30am on January 1st when I was getting out of the tub, I remember because we’d just heard the ball drop from the tv in the other room when the nurses were helping me out. When I stood up I instantly felt a lot more pressure.

It probably took an hour for me to get the epidural. I was so scared to get it! But in the moment I didn’t think about anything other than I wanted relief from the contractions!! Honestly it was a breeze compared to what I expected. I had relief for a short time. Then I started to feel the contractions very low, like so much pressure from the baby’s head. The midwife came in to see how I was doing and wanted me to use the peanut ball to speed things up. I couldn’t turn on my side because the pressure was too intense that I was crying. The midwife looked at me and goes that’s not right let me check you again (mind you she had just checked me like an hour or two before and I was only at a 4). She checks me and goes oh my god you’re at a 9.5. She wanted me to wait until I was at a full 10 to start pushing and said she’d come back in an hour but if I start feeling like I needed to push to have them come get her. Well 30 minutes later I tell the nurse I feel like I need to push and the contractions are so intense!!

The midwife was in with another woman who was pushing so I had to wait about another hour. We could hear the woman screaming bloody murder through the walls. She kept screaming “I can’t do it” we couldn’t help but laugh. Finally the midwife came in and I pushed for 17minutes!!And the most beautiful baby boy was born at 3:03am on January 1st. For being 3 weeks early he was still 6lbs 9oz and 18.5inches long. No complications and no issues. I honestly wish I could go back and relive my birth experience because it was absolutely perfect even though it didn’t go like I thought it would. We are so blessed!!