i found out i was pregnant about four months ago i was so excited. i told my then boyfriend about the news and he was excited as well. weโ€™ve had our share of problems and fight often. he came to my first ultrasound appointment where i found out i was almost 10 weeks along, we were so happy to see our little baby! two weeks ago we got in a huge fight, i went to stay with my mom for a few days and without me knowing he kicked me out and moved all my things. the thought of being a single mom is so overwhelming and iโ€™m constantly stressing out and crying my eyes out or else i get infuriated thinking that he could do this to his baby and the mother of his child. do you think he will have a change of heart if he goes to the gender reveal ultrasound?? or once our baby is born?? iโ€™m just so confused how a man is okay with doing this and i also feel pathetic for still having hope that we can be a happy family... any advice or thoughts are more than welcomed. thank youโค๏ธ