Cramping at 10 weeks. Please give me peace of mind.

Holly • 21 • Fur mom • 22 weeks with my baby boy. 💙

I am 10 weeks pregnant, first time I've been this far along. I am experiencing cramping. Sometimes it feels similar to period cramps, but doesn't last as long. Then it just turns dull and mild. It has been on and off throughout the day and not every day are they this prominent. But some days they are. I turned to Dr. Google (I'm the worst I know). I've read that it could just be due to the uterus expanding quickly during this stage in pregnancy, and also since it is the first time my uterus has expanded like this. I've also read that it could be because I need to drink more water. I know none of you can tell me exactly why I'm cramping, but I'd like to hear your experiences. When should I contact my doctor? I have experienced no bleeding or even spotting at all. I don't see my doctor for another TWO WEEKS 😭 So I would appreciate some other Momma's input. I haven't announced yet so I didn't want to ask any of the ladies that I know personally. I guess that's the beauty of this community.