Implantation Bleeding , Faint Line ?


Okay So We Are Trying To Conceive, This Is My First Time Using Opk ( Pregmate )

The Shorts Pic : I Noticed It When I Went To The Bathroom But I Didn’t See Anything When I Wiped , And I Thought Maybe It Was Period Stains 🤷🏼‍♀️ But Anyways I Did Laundry Yesterday So I Put These On Last Night But When I Went To The Bathroom This Mornin I Seen This & They Was Clean ... So I’m Really Not Sure With This.

The Test: I Took This Today @ 12:30Am ( Not My First Pee ) And Today I Am 11 Dpo

*I Have Been Having Pregnancy Symptoms For A Lil More Then A Week Now.

I’m Cramping Mild But ItsStill There

My Boobs Hurt

Implantation ?

Taste Is A Lil Off

Smell Is Way More Sensitive

And I’ve Been More Then Emotional 😭