😂😂😂 is this karma ?

I know I shouldn’t care anymore, and really I’ve moved on. But when I heard this I couldn’t help but laugh.

My ex cheated on me about a year ago. I caught him in bed with a girl and I lost it. Even more so because we had two baby girls together. I never thought he’d cheat on me. Anyway, we broke up obviously and stayed in touch for our daughters sake. But even so, he didn’t want custody or anything. He barely came to visit them. Then he got arrested when driving that same girls car. Apparently she had drugs in the car, and he was also under the influence. Which surprised me, because he was never one to drink or do drugs when we were together for 4 years.

I knew he was in jail and why because obviously he let me know that he wouldn’t be seeing the girls for a while. He was in jail for 4 months, and just got out last week. The whole time he was in jail his girlfriend would try to come see my daughters, and when I would tell her no she’d get mad. She’d claim she had every right to see them since she’s his “wifey”. She said she was “holding it down” for him while he was in jail and that when he got out they were going to get married . I never let her around my girls because: 1) every time i saw her she was either drinking or smoking and 2) their own father barely visited them so I didn’t see any reason to let her. Not to mention we both agreed we wouldn’t bring a partner around our kids unless it was serious.

Anyway he gets out but get this: his girlfriend (or probably now ex girlfriend) is pregnant. 8 weeks pregnant. While he was in jail for 4 months. I only know because his sister and I are still close and she told me.

I shouldn’t be laughing but I love how he can now understand what it’s like to be cheated on.

And if it couldn’t get any better I guess that girl is begging him to forgive her. The same girl that made fun of me for “begging” for my ex when I caught them together.

Pay back is a Bitch😅🤷🏻‍♀️