Alayahlani is 6 Months!

Jenna • Alayahlani’s Mommy 💗

I never thought her name would be difficult for a lot of people to pronounce, since it is, here’s how you correctly say her name:


She is a mixed baby of Hawaiian, Thai, Okinawan, White & Chinese. We live in Hawaii & her father takes great pride in his Hawaiian background. Her first name is not a traditional Hawaiian name, but we picked and chose from our favorites and created our own for her. I loved Leia, and Leilani but both were too popular for our liking, so we sort of combined them & I think it’s the most beautiful name ever.

I just wish people would pronounce it right 😩

Anyway that little rant had nothing to do with my baby’s 6 months pictures I just needed to rant about it somewhere 😩