Boyfriend said this was my “punishment”.

So today I told my bf to call me after calling him and getting no answer. I wanted to know if he got home safe because he was having car issues. So he calls me back and I ask him and he said yeah he’s fine. He then asks me if I was going to come over. I told him probably not considering it was already 7:30 and I still have a bunch of homework to do. I also said it was pointless to come over, to just go to bed, and then have to come straight back here in the morning.

He said okay.

So then I told him to text me and he said no and that it was my “punishment”. I was like

It completely threw me off. And he was being dead serious. I told him I just wanted to talk to him and he says he’s not going to and it’s my fault.

Like I get it’s not that serious and I wouldn’t have been mad but when he said “punishment” I just got so angry. Like wtf?

Would you be reacting the same way?

So this was my reply. Was I being too harsh?