Anyone's families pushy about pregnancy?

We have one daughter. I had a few complications early on and was at risk to miscarry. Everyone at work guessed early and knew by 8 weeks :( ALL the advice started. We had one miscarriage after her and then had fertility issues and needed an <a href="">IUI</a> to get pregnant.

Both of our families arw pushing why we aren't telling everyone, announcing on social media and why we won't do what we can to find out the gender early. My husband and I are over the moon happy and this time we are selfishly keeping these news private and enjoying this happiness. I have had no complications and can actually exercise this time. I have also been very sick this pregnancy which has been hard with a toddler. I am 13 weeks! I'm feeling bad our families think we are being so weird about pregnancy when we are just being quiet due to our prior difficulties. Anyone else have pushy family?