boy issues...


ok so i’ve liked this guy since i was in seventh grade. we’ve been talking on and off until now (i just finished 10th grade.) he just graduated and all of my friends say he treats me so badly but i love him so so much and he is like my world. sometimes he can be rude but i just think it’s because everyone has their days. he is my favorite person to be around. we just recently took a picture together at his graduation and it’s not a very good picture but its ok. i guess my biggest question is should i leave or should i stay...i don’t want to leave but everyone keeps telling me that i need to move on. also...sometimes there are days where he won’t talk to me until it is late at night and he is horny but i don’t think he is using me? he used me the past four times but he seems to have grown up this time. advice?

(this is our picture)