Breaking up the family?

When you are in an unhappy relationship and you stayed for years but you cant stay any longer is it your fault? And are you breaking up the family? Will the kid/kids hate you later in life ?

I left my fiance this week and he keeps telling me I am breaking up the family, are son will grow to hate you and not me ,it's all your fault.It's your fault he wont have a 2 parent home

We were together for 4 years and we are just now in are 20s. What I am asking is he really going to hate me for leaving an unhappy relationship?

My ex keeps telling him I am taking him away from his daddy even tho he can come see him talk to him and have him when he wants him (he is 7 months old )

I dont want him to hate me should I put my feelings aside and just be unhappy for the rest of my life ?