Well, which is already??!


So I took a first response digital test and clear as day I got a “YES”. Sent my husband to the store to get another to confirm. He bought a pack of 2 EPT direct tests. The first was taken with the first stream of the day- but was a faulty test (control line took 10 mins to even show up). Took the other and it was a BFN.

So what the heck??

We decided to go and get ANOTHER test.. and we both saw 2 lines- with 1 being faint, but the more we look the more it disappears. 😩

Obviously going to try yet ANOTHER test in a day or 2. But this back and forth yes and no is driving me CRAZZZZYYY!

(The edited pictures are of the last test I took, the one with the disappearing line)


(Also, pictures were taken after 5 or less mins of taking)