Need some advice

Babe was born in January and July he will be 6 months. I have the opportunity to go away for 5 days while my husband is off work this summer so my sister asked me if I wanted to away to an all inclusive. My sister (twin) and i have never gone on a trip togwthwe. Obviously I’d miss my little boy but after 9 months of being pregnant, the labour, the lack of sleep and all the work I do being a mom and wife.. a vacation sounds nice. Nice and relaxing. It would be so hard to leave because I want to spend every minute with my son but I feel like this chance won’t come again anytime soon since I’ll be back to work shortly and then we’d be trying again for another one. Back to 9 months being pregnant, raising a newborn and baby.. doing all the housework (cook, clean, laundry , vacuum , mop.. all with a baby) and then that opportunity is definitely out the window. My husband is making me feel sooo bad about it.. making me feel like I’m not deserving of a little vacation. Am I wrong? How can I explain to him more how I do need a vacation and I deserve one.. he doesn’t care and doesn’t think I should go..