Bipolar or just crazy?

Background info: he's been like this all his life and it's the same issue with each woman he ends up with, his mother can confirm. He has no respect towards women, and he's got an extremely quick temper. We both agree that he's in definite need of help, but he refuses. He also thinks he's right about everything even when he's wrong.

We've been moving all day today and he's been talking to me any kind of way. I'm also due to give birth within a few months. Tonight, though, he has had a fallout with his parents and his son (who is young) told me that he claimed if he could, he'd put his hands on me. This is the first time he's had an outburst like this. He's never touched me, but have misteated me verbally and emotionally. Well, after the big fallout with his parents and claiming everyone is against him and saying we won't be moving anymore (if we did we wouldn't have any place to go, nor have jobs) he asked if I'm fine as if nothing has happened. When he's angry, he gets extremely angry and it's almost like chaos.

Is this bipolar disorder or what? I've been looking into things to try and understand him, but can't find a solid answer.