What to do??

I'm stressing out so much.

I'm 34 weeks now. Things with BD have been so hard.

I get so many conflicting comments that it makes my head spin.

Some women tell me to run and take baby with, others tell me I'm a selfish bitch who has no right keeping a child from their father.

I should have left the night it all happened. But he wasn't this person before so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

He now has a felony from that night. Domestic battery.

Hes been on the road to a better person. Taking meds, seeing doctors, not drinking any alcohol. So when he got his final sentencing the judge was proud of him for turning the mistake around.

I've struggled to stay by his side for many reasons.

He thinks what he did to me is something I can easily get over.

He has never officially apologised for that night.

Hes nonchalant about everything.

Knowing he has a kid on the way, hes done nothing to help me save for our own place OR to prepare for the arrival. (He has spent 35 on one thing, I've purchased everything else)

He would leave work early often seldom getting more than 30 hours a week even though his job gave him 40 hours plus overtime.

He wont look for other jobs despite me telling him he should.

He disrespects me and has repeatedly shut me out when I bring up valid concerns.

He spends money like he has more than he does.

These are not ALL the reasons, but certainly concerning ones.

Now hes on probation for 2 years. As of today hes unemployed. His job fired him because they dont overlook domestic battery. Hes of course crying about how unfair it is, meanwhile I've been telling him how likely this outcome would be for several months. Which is why I was harping on him to apply for other jobs more "felon friendly".

I'm the only one working. I can't take on extra work because my doctor said I need to take it easy. My job is physically demanding as is.

I'm petrified. We have bills up on the 1st like most normal people do. His final cheque will barely cover half of them. What I make will cover the rest but then we wont have money for food. Normally not an issue if he had a full pay but hes losing that being fired.

I just cant seem to get it through to him how serious this is...

I'm at risk of delivering early, too, so what the hell do I do now??

I want to leave and take my child with. Legally I can get full custody with his criminal background (I've already spoken with a lawyer, don't you dare tell me I can't) and be able to get all the help I need. But at the same time I don't want to go through all that BS because I'm tired of court (last 8 months with his crap) and legal issues.

I'm mainly angry because I have to work in less than 6 hours but I'm awake with anxiety while hes sound asleep and will be long after I leave.

I know some of you will be bitches and hit me with rude comments. Thats a lot of the "women" on this app.

But I'm looking for the women with sound advice, so if you have it, please let me know.