Embarrassing period attempted sex story

Ladies, I feel super embarrassed. I went to this guys house today and I felt the symptoms of my period all week but I didn’t think it was going to come on. Long story short my period came and I had no idea it was in until I got home. The guy then texted me and asked me if it was okay if we never talked to each other again, and if we see each other to act like we don’t know each other, because my “hygiene” is nasty. I told him that I had no idea that I started my period. I’m embarrassed and I feel horrible🤦🏽‍♀️. I didn’t feel anything at all I just thought it was natural bodily functions since I was with a guy, but it was the wrong thing. I’m just embarrassed and disgusted with myself and I needed to vent. I never want to be with a guy again, now I’m super insecure. Mind you I’m a virgin and I’ve never been that far with a guy. Worst experience ever.

Thanks ladies for your feed back I feel 110% better and I realized that he was a dick about the whole situation. I could’ve been rude to him but I wasn’t, I was humble and apologetic. Thank you all, I appreciate it and definitely will never deal with a guy like that ever again.