Husband slept with someone

Helen • 23 years old.

So me and my husband have been separated since April 2019 I didn’t want it but he decided he wanted to focus on him for a bit so he packed his things and left and he said maybe we will work things out later. Well all this time he would still call me and text me several times a day and I obviously didn’t want the separation in the first place so I would talk to him because I love him so much and just hoped he would change his mind. Well tonight he calls me and he said Helen I love you and I miss you and I want forever with you but I messed up and I don’t blame you if you won’t want me in your life ever again. He went to the bar with some co-workers they are out of town on work and I guess he was talking to an older women I guess way older my husband is 26 and I guess he invited her to his room but he said he really just wanted to hang out and talk because he’s been hurting and missing me and everyone on his side just keeps telling him to move on any way I guess they started having sex but he kept thinking of me and feeling guilty and how much he couldn’t push the feelings and love he still had for me and so he stopped and told her she had to leave. Then he called me to tell me because he needed to be honest with me and to tell me he was sorry and he wanted to be with me and he promises to love me and be only devoted to me and that he wants us to have the life together we always talked about. I just don’t know what to do I love him so much and I’m hurting though I dont know how to move forward. I’m praying God guides me because im so lost. I hate that even knowing this I still have so much love for him and want to make this work.