Please help me please

My daughter is 16 months old, she refuses to sleep in her own bedroom in her own toddler bed and also her cot which she climbs out of, she screams hysterically like she's being murdered if she's left alone in her bedroom, I sometimes even leave her with the ipad Netflix peppa pig on and that makes no difference, I will keep putting her back in her bed repeatedly every 5 minutes, I can't leave her to cry and settle herself as she'll scream and cry blue murder from 8pm to 2am easily, she will only sleep in my bed in my arms or on top of me, she will not fall asleep any other way, I've tried everything and I am at the end of my patience, I am a fully single mum and I'm expecting a baby in October, I can't have her in my bed up all night with a newborn too and screaming hysterically if she's left alone waking up a newborn baby, it takes 4 hours to get her to sleep, what do you other parents do to get your toddlers asleep alone in their own room in their own bed, am I the only one living this hell?