Just feeling so lost

First off let me say I love my boyfriend. He is a good man to me. He loves me and my happiness is very important to him. Lately I’ve been sooooo unhappy though. A little background, I relocated 2,000 miles away from my hometown to be with him. Left my job and family and my own place to come be with him. He promised me a great life and said he would take care of me. It’s been about three months now and life has been really good but definitely not what he promised. We live with his parents. He failed to tell me how much debt he was in. We’re sooo broke all the time. Like I’ve maxed out my credit card already and all the money I had saved when I moved here was pretty much gone within a week. He does his part and did support me financially before I landed a job and was very patient about me getting one but I also had money too and am not sure what we would have done without my money because his job does not pay him enough at all. My job that I recently got it very hard work and I come home everyday tired and in pain. But it’s been worth it because I want to get out of here and get us a home. We would have to get a home in my name because his credit isn’t good enough. So anyways we both get paid Friday and I’ve been really excited because we also have an extra little 600 dollar check coming in. I was adding up our bills and he wants to spend that extra money on investing in canabis pens and selling them. Yes we would make a lot of money off selling them but I don’t feel like right now we really have money to be investing in those. He got upset when I told him this. He wanted to not pay his mom all the rent so we could have money to get us through until our next payday I tried explaining to him if we didn’t buy the pens we would be able to pay rent and have money to hold us over. I was just very upset last night and started crying. I feel I left everything behind for him to have a “better life” and hesnot being responsible and trying to give me one I feel like. I don’t want to come off selfish or mean but there are goals I have in life and right now it just seems impossible To get them with him because he’s not trying hard enough. I also told him he should try finding a better job but he just made it seem like that was the worst thing to say. I know I would try finding a better job and busy my ass for someone I love. Behind on car payment, hella debt, he’s just not taking care of me like he should be and I’m getting worn out from carrying a lot of weight. Can someone please give me advice on what to do? Every time I try talking to him about it he becomes very defensive. I feel bad because I don’t want him to think I think he’s worthless or not good enough. Thanks guys.