Feeling off

Hey so my period came 1day early and was not really heavy was more spotting the as it continued became heavier then back to spotting my period lasted 3-5 days if you count the spotting then after flow ended two days later starting spotting again then nothing. However leading up toy period I didn't get any of my normal breast tenderness back pain and cramps and thought I was getting sick with sore throat and a headache. Now almost a week since my period ended and my stomach feels tight and I got sick around 3am and I have been having an off and on pinching feeling near my bellybutton. I also feel like my since of smell has been very intense since before my period even came on this month. Please help not necessary ttc but me and my fiance don't use protection and figure that with how long we have been together if something happens then we will be overjoyed just don't know if I am over reading into how I am feeling too much. Yesterday during the day after I used my first urine to do salt test out of curiosity and it gave me what others say is a positive so I rushed to the store to get two cheapies and they were negative so I don't know would love some insight.