Induced to not being induced?!

Brittany • ☀️ PCOS 💍 4.8.16 🎀 Addalyn Grace June 9, 2019

So at my 36 week appointment I was told I’d be getting induced 38-39 weeks due to high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I asked today when I could get a date, my doctor acted as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. I told her my other doctor mentioned I wouldn’t go past 39 weeks, now I’m being told I’m not being induced, unless my high risk doctor tells them to induce me. She said my high risk doctor would induce me due to high blood pressure, so I asked her what does she consider high, she said anything over 140/90, I told her it was 150/108 with my high risk doctor and he didn’t even seem concerned. Then I asked about being checked bc they started it last week. I was .5cm last Tuesday, then 1 cm last Thursday. She said “we don’t check till 38 weeks and you’re only 36w3d” I replied “no, I’m 36w6d” they had just checked me last week and saw I was dilating on my own. She then said “you were informed that you tested positive for GBS” and I said “no, no one has even mentioned this to me.” I was told I wouldn’t like this doctor, and at first I did, now everything she’s saying is either wrong, or she doesn’t remember. Did anyone else get told they’d be induced and then suddenly their not?