Birth Story


Had my 34 week appt on 5/16 and was sent to triage due to high blood pressure. After 5 days, I was released but diagnosed with preeclampsia and to monitor my BP at home. Had a follow-up appointment two days later and was sent back to triage. My blood pressure was all over the place, more up than down so they decided to induce. After about 8 hours I stopped progressing because of the magnesium they gave me to control my blood pressure and reduce seizure risk. Baby's heart rate dipped after the epidural so I had to have a csection. I could still feel a sting when the doctor pinched me so I had to be put to sleep. Dr found out that baby was head down but just off to the side, that's why labor seemed to stop. But praise God everything turned out fine!

Mateo Anthony Delgado

5/24/19 7:41am (due 6/28/19)

5lbs 8oz